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The Francisco Paranormal Encounters

M For Maria - my own - coloured.jpg

One message, one tragedy, one witness. How far will one go with amnesia? 


Emma Francisco had been handed out a house on sale practically for free. And since she was desperate to get a place to stay for a while in a new town, she accepted it without much thought. Until she found an old cassette in the attic while cleaning the house and realised that she encountered a price she never thought she'd ever pay.  

Elliot Knight is sure that he’d known the new girl in town a long time ago, but wants nothing to do with her – because if he didn’t care to remember her, then she wasn’t worth remembering at all. Until, he realises that she is a key piece in the puzzle involving the death of a former resident of the town’s mystery-mansion. 

Sequel coming soon!

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