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The Sahara Chronicles

The Sahara Chronicles
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Yor Castel is an alchemist in Sahara fresh out from under the wings of his wizard master and sets off on a journey around the world to seek the fortune calling out to him. With him is a gift from his master: a belt that contains the most important potions and a flute that can calm even the most disturbed creature.  


Elmeida Yuri is the eldest daughter of the Dark Queen of Sahara and has just escaped the most gruesome incident of her life. She goes to seek shelter and comfort with the only person she knows: her maternal aunt, Alia Hudson, who resides in a neighbouring country.  


On the other end of the world, the Master of Darkness is rising, after having been asleep for centuries, and that begins a chain of processes unimaginable by mages of the present day. The Light and Dark wizards of yore awaken just in time to stop him, but now, it seems as if the enemy has grown even more powerful than the last time he had been engaged in battle. So, Yor and Elmeida team up and decide to help keep him at bay. 

A new king emerges in a land far away, with roots tied to Sahara. A new mage is born into the world. A new enemy looms on the horizon.

A missing piece in the history of the world.

Years after the Master of Darkness had been defeated a second time, a young girl is born to the heroes of the Great Journey. She, like her mother, had been born with a prophecy that would either make or break the people of Sahara.


Meanwhile, while discussing how to defeat the mage who had enchanted Lorinda, Elmeida, Yor, and their entourage discover that an important piece was erased from the history of the world. While Lorinda and Merlin led a voyage to retrieve the lost fable, Elmeida and Yor find another threat looming over their daughter.

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Other books coming soon!

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