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The Sahara Chronicles

The Sahara Chronicles
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A mage seeking his fortune, a princess driven from her home.

Two legends lost in time and space.

A lady dreaming of love, a soldier fighting for a kingdom lost.

Three prophecies to rule them all.


The Master of Darkness is rising his head before his time, throwing all of Sahara into chaos.


Right after his studies, young Light alchemist Yor Castel sets off on a journey around the world to seek his fortune. He encounters a runaway in danger, tied to the awakening of an ancient evil.


In just a day, Elmeida Yuri, heir to the Dark tribe of Sahara, loses her entire family to a gruesome death. Her only hope lies in a small island-country far away from home, where she meets a promising young mage. But her refuge is short-lived, and, together with her new friend, flees once again, this time - on a quest to save the world.


The ones who first defeated the ancient evil are now too weak; it's up to the new mages to step up and fulfil the role set by the prophecy.


Who will win and who will lose? Are the lost truly defeated? Read The Young Foreigner to find out. 

A new king from a land far away, with roots tied to Sahara. 

A new witch born, a new enemy looms on the horizon. 

A missing piece in the history of the world.


Years after the Master of Darkness had been defeated a second time, a young girl is born to the heroes of the Great Journey, with a prophecy that would either make or break the people of Sahara.

Old friends, Dark Princess Lorinda Yuri and ordinary soldier Linel Snayt, struggle to find a middle ground to their differences and work towards beginning a new, healthy relationship. Ureon Thalia, new germain of Jermis, is concerned about the missing piece in the history of the world that is key to defeating the greatest villain of his time. 

As Ureon, Lorinda, and Merlin lead a voyage to seek an underwater realm in the middle of the Sahara Ocean, Elmeida and Yor discover a great threat looming over their daughter that compels them to make the most difficult decision of their lives.

Will our heroes manage to locate a whole island that isn't even marked in any map? What will they discover there? Read The Lost Fable to find out!

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Other books coming soon!

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