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V. Ananya is an author of fiction hailing from India. She completed her Master of Arts in History and is currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Education to become a school teacher. She is a big fan of combining her academic love with her imagination, and the end result is a great story! 

Ananya has been writing for fourteen years, both prose and poetry, before she finally decided to self-publish her books. Her publishing debut, "The Young Foreigner" - aside from being the first of a series of young adult fantasy adventure story called "The Sahara Chronicles" - is also a unique blend of prose and poetry. Her other writings vary in genres, including supernatural, supernatural fantasy, teen fiction, new adult fiction, adult fiction, romance, and poetry.

At present, Ananya is writing Book #3 of The Sahara Chronicles.

Ananya has grown up around books and libraries. Her favourite genres are fantasy, romance,  paranormal, mysteries, and thriller, although she does on occasions read non-fictional works, as well.  Throughout her life, books have helped her cope loneliness and broken friendships. She loved to narrate when conversing with people, something that came to her without her knowledge; this  eventually gave birth to her love for writing stories.  Ananya  writes the stories she would like  to read - she  publishes  to pay back her debts to the world. 

When she's not writing or researching, Ananya is reading a novel, spending time with her husband, helping her parents, visiting friends or relatives, watching a show. Her dream is to one day have a library in her own home.

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