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Why I Write

A while ago, if people were to ask me why I write (which they didn't), I would say that I love writing and was probably born to be a writer. While that is true enough to some extent, I don't think it really satisfies the question. So, here I am to address it and seek a better answer.

  1. I write to give voice to my thoughts.

  2. I write to give voice to my feelings.

  3. I write to make a difference in the world.

  4. I write to seek forgiveness from the people I have wronged and who have left me without warning.

  5. I write to find solace and steadiness when I myself am swaying.

  6. I write to put a distance between me and my weakness for the Darkness.

  7. I write to protect my heart from the evil deeds people are capable of committing.

  8. I write to let out my anger and frustration.

  9. I write to shower the world with love and kindness.

  10. I write to escape the real world into one of creative reality.

So, I think that's it--ten reasons why I write. Do we need some more? I can't think of any.

But, what about you? Why do you write? 

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