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The Witch-Walkers

The Grimwire Apprentices

The Netherwalker

"The only way to overcome fear is to challenge it."


Penelope Walker had moved into Carmel Town for a year and adjusted rather well to the new environment. There was, in fact, no doubt about it, seeing as how she made some new friends since moving here. But, when a young girl she knew only too well dies, weird things begin happening around her, which makes her think that there was more to the story than she knew.

The death was just the beginning... 

The Earthwalker

"You've been born for a reason - just like everybody else." 


Penelope Walker's troubles did not end with finding out who killed her schoolmate; in fact, if anything, it only hastened her fate - hers and the fate of the person closest to her. Chances are, both of them would come back out dead. 

In a game of love, hate, anxiety, and betrayal, which one is most likely to win? 

Betrayal, of course.

The Nightwalker

"Nothing you ever say will change my mind. I will protect my friends and family, even if that means I'd have to kill you." 


Penelope Walker's best friend and lover died while trying to save her from her fate, thus proving the fact that no one can escape Fate. It's her fate to kill the deadliest of foes in the magical world. She is, however, known to be an innocent, soft little girl. 

Then, there is the death of Ethan Adams, the only boy who ever understood her. 

Would it be possible for Penelope to fight the Final Battle and win? Would it be possible for her to turn from a quiet teenager into a warrior princess? 

Only Time will tell... 

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