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This is a page full of the artwork I have either done ith 

Story Aesthetic - The Young Foreigner.jpg


The Young Foreigner

In a world where horses are the fastest means of transportation and the letter that of communication, follow a young alchemist and a lost princess defeat an age-old serpent and plunge it back into the curse it was given 500 years ago. 


The Lost Fable

Years after the defeat of Chaos, trouble finds the young travellers once more - but this time, more is at stake. Who will win and who will lose in this battle with an enemy they cannot even see?

Story Aesthetic - The Valley of Shards-The Lost Fable.jpg
Penelope Walker.jpg


Coming Soon!

She has a secret identity. She was once a warrior reborn to lift the world from a great devastation even the legendary magicians could not defeat for good. Reborn but too young, she is faced with an evil beyond any homework she's ever been given. 


Coming Soon!

Once a very powerful witch, she was cursed to live a half-life, watching her loved ones die and herself unable to. Living for centuries, she's had time to gather her energy and resources, and eventually find and train the right generation to defeat the age-old evil that everybody in the magcical world feared. 

Rosalie Archer.jpg
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